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Evo 9 V44 PnP - Knock questions


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I have Evo 9 with Vipec Evo 9 V44 PnP and Vipec Knock Amplifier Kit.

My questions:

1. Which wire (VX ECU Digital Input or ECU Analogue Channel or Gauge Input) from Knock Amplifier I should to connect to Vipec ECU?

2. Which input I should use in Vipec ECU for a knock signal from Knock Amplifier? In manual http://www.vi-pec.com/techdata/vipec-evo9-plugin.pdf speaks of Knock 1 (91 pin).

3. Should I use value C for Frequency Configuration for standard Evo 9 knock sensor?


Thanks in advance.

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You are going to need to sacrifice a Digital Input channel and an Aux Output/Aux Output - Fuel/Aux Output - Ign channel.

Here is the list of what you have available. The red lines are because you have the V44 top-board and not the V88 top-board. If it was me I would probably move the Aux Inj 5 output (A/C fan) so that it comes on at the same time as the engine fan. You would need to change Aux 1 to 'AirCon Fan'. For a DI I would sacrifice DI 3 if you are not using vehicle speed for launch control.


Evo 9 V44.PNG

The knock sensor gets wired to the Knock amplifier kit, so you don't (and can't) use the Knock 1 input. The information I ahve says that your knock sensor should be a 13 kHz narrowband type sensor, which would use frequency setting C.

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You can use an expansion cable, but you will only have access to what the i44 top-board has the resources for. For example, the expansion connector has DI 9 and DI 10, but as the i44 top-board only has 6 Digital Input channels, they will not work.

Which version is the bottom board of your ECU? It should be printed on it,

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Scott, thank you!

Now I have the following problem. Knock Level Cyl 1 and Knock Level Cyl 4 all the time the same. Knock Level Cyl 2 and Knock Level Cyl 3 all the time the same too. Screenshot in attachment.

And knock trim only applies to Knock Ign Trim Cyl 1 and Knock Ign Trim Cyl 3.

Where could I make a mistake?

Vi-PEC's Digital Knock Amplifier settings: Frequency switch is C, Gain switch is 2. Is it correct settings?

Thank you for all your time and effort.

Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 00.54.58.png

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Thank you for your answer.

Will be correction applied for Cyl 1 and Cyl 4 from table Knock Ign Trim Cyl 1? Or only for Cyl 1?


Sorry, bad question.

I should use same Knock Ign Trim Cyl table for pairs of cylinders in Cyl Allocation.

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