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Datalogging Compression Test via ecu


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Hi guys

Just wanting to see if anyone has hooked up a 150psi sensor to an analog channel and installed the sensor into an adaptor mounted into a spark plug hole to get a data log while cranking to use for testing compression.
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Hi Marty,

I don't know anyone who has done this. The fastest ECU logging rate is 100 Hz. Assuming you have the other spark plugs removed and cranking the engine over you might hit 500 RPM. This is 8.3 revolutions per second, which means a 100 Hz logging rate would get you 12 samples per crank revolution. Hard to say if this would be a high enough sample rate or not. Perhaps viewing the log does on the XY plot would give a better understanding of the results. 

If you do test this I would be interested in seeing your results.

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