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PLink Connecting via SerialLink


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Hi there,


have got a Possumlink ECU (MY96) and I cannot seem to be able to connect to it via PCLink, Is there any special requirements to use the SerialLink? I haven't been able to find a decent serial cable, only used  Prolific USB-Serial adaptor. I have a laptop with Serial so I need to find a proper serial cable since the SerialLink doesn't include one.

Is there a way to bench test the ECU? or does it really need to be installed into a running car?

I tried it on my WRX with no engine installed, but it may not turn on without one. (might need sensors ect)


Trying to determine if it actually works.

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What I was doing


disconnect battery,

plug in plink

plug in serial link

plug in USB adaptor to PC, make sure it has com assignment

open up pclink 2.5 , set com port

Connect battery and turn key to on.

click connect to link in software, where the software sits there for about 15-20 sec then says its unable to communicate.

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I'll try use the serial port on my laptop, there's no special serial cable required to purchase?

is there any way to prove that the ECU is powered up? Any particular pins that definitely need power? Or should I just check out the Subaru wiring diagram.

can I send it to you guys for testing/repairs if needed?


the Serialink I have owned for under a week, so I'm not sure if that could be the issue right now.

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Serial link should be ok if its new.

No easy external signs for the ECU power only that it will talk to a serial link or hand control.

And checking that there is power and ground on the correct pins.

You should have Power to pin B43 pin 2 and or 13 and a ground on pin B43 11 and or 22


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Have actually worked this out.

Managed to access the program but it wouldn't start.

had a broken transistor on the little board (physically pulled out of its solder) desoldered, resoldered and started first pop.

also wouldn't mind knowing which voltage range the narrowband is asking for? have an innovate MTX-L and it's standard output for narrowband sim is 0-1.1v 14-15.1 AFR.


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