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Upgrade possible and recommended ?


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I bought a mitsubishi evo VII with an evolink ecu; EVO 1-8 G3 and I was able to connect with PCLink V 3.40, when I got the right connector.

Just curious I started PCLink G4 V 4.10 and clicked on upgrade, so the following screen was shown.

Would and should I do this, will I expect any problems ?


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Hi Simon,

I checked the dealers list, no perfect option (I am from South Germany / 89073 Ulm)

I bought my cusb-cable from nzefi.com, so maybe I could deal with them.


My car was mapped from a german tuner, then it got sold and the engine was blown up, after this gaetmo rebuild engine, but I doubt he remapped it and the preowner could not tell me if it was or not. The eculink (with map + ait-sensor) was bought 2012-06-09, so I just wonder why it is a G3, G4 exists since 2009...

Components of car: 285 pipers, garret gt30, 30 psi boost, 3" JIC Spartan, should be enough for over 500 whp, but car has about 440 whp.

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