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Altezza 3sge beams with 45mm itb base map


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I'm running a beams motor, not with ITBs though.

However... Your tune is going to change a lot depending on the length of your intake runners, they cause huge peaks and dips on the powerband.  (and fuel table)

Are you using Alpha-n (TPS only) or using a map sensor?

Would love to see some pics and some more details of your setup!



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Yeah just wanting something closer and more suited to the quad setup so that i can drive it the 200km to the tuner and not be running overly lean etc and have it a bit closer so there won't be as much tuning time needed. Will be going with a MAP sensor and run a IAT sensor as well and run a bellmouthed plenum.

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My set up is 3sge AE86 with stock injectors, black top 20v ITBs on the altezza plug in.

I do have a pretty solid calibration.

I have spent way to much time on it to just hand out the map for free.  If you would like to toss me some cash I could share.

Beams corolla.JPG

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Recently done this conversion. Adaptor from a bloke, Glen, in Aussie. 105mm trumpets, though I have a set of 75mm as well. Will be getting a retune with these at some point to see where the torque shifts. Running a link ecu, tuned off TPS. Load points for vvt tuned via map. 

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Hello ,

I live in aruba and have an toyota altezza 3sge beams  with ae111 itb with a link plug in ecu .

im having problems  with idle  and also in low throttle sometimes  it stalls .

Its a stock engine  with hks headres link plug in xtd clutch  aw111 itb and toda trumpets 75mm.

my final hp was 168 on a dyno dnamics .

Can someone help mi  with the idle and stalling problem and also if the hp is right because i think it should reach around 200 hp at least 





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combination of throttle stop and idle ignition timing will be the easiest to implement.

you could also you a 2 wire pwm idle valve if you have a vacuum block attached to all inlet runners.

most complicated implementation would be convert the itbs to dbw and run closed loop idle via dbw(this is the route i went.) 

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