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Idle speed control stepper motor testing


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Hi I have just connected up the ISC stepper motor on the LS1 it is a 4 wire type. Is there any way of testing that it is working before taking the vehicle to the dyno. I don't want to waste their time and my money if every thing hasn't been tested first.

Also not sure if the oxygen sensors are giving me the correct voltages. One is reading 0.005v and the other is reading 0.000v. I have used the standard Holden wiring for these. Do I need to change these wires to screened cables?

I haven't tried to start the motor yet.

Also I have fitted a fuel pressure sensor. It is reading 7.1 psi at zero how do I calibrate this?



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For the idle control if its set up in the ECU checking it does a reset is a good way to tell that its working. It should open fully and then close part way during the reset.

It is typical for a O2 sensor to read 0V at key on engine not running.

For the fuel pressure you will need to select the sensor type or do a custom cal if its not one in the list.

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