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fuel injectors r33 gtr


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Hi all.

Ive recently got hold of a skyline r33 gtr.

Its running a link ecu although not sure what one as its actually inside oem ecu casing.


Now i bought car with 700cc injectors and the resistor pack removed. Previous owner requires these injectors back as they were not his and has supplied me with rc1000.


Car is mapped relativley well....think its tad rich on cruising ....but anyways.....i need to swap injectors over but will this mean i need to redo whole fuel map or is there a way of keeping it even with larger squirters installed.....also will resistor (oem fitting one) interfer with anything.

Apologies if standard newb question....always on the learn.


Regards jon

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If the RC1000 injectors are low impedance (peak and hold) then you will need to refit the ballast pack. If they are high impedance (saturated) injectors then the ballast should be left out.

You will be able to get this close by reducing the master fuel. To get it close if you take your existing master fuel and multiply in by 0.7.



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Measured across injector pins with ohms set at 2k....had readings of .156 across all injectors


Does this sound right and if so does the link need to be adjusted at all or will it be fine with literally plugging oem resistor pack and new injectors on?



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Re connect factory ballast /resistor pack and then trim master fuel and you will be close.

It should still have a full recheck and driving would be best left to light throttle until the mixtures can be checked.

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Yes ok. I have innovate wideband im installing soon so will use that for ratios.


Thanks simon.


As regards to the actual ecu, what 'link' is it as my previous car had g4 extreme and you could see it installed with loom etc


This one has few wires but is inside oem ecu casing....

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