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Twin distributors Mercedes V12

Tommy Luhr

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I'm just bought a thunder ecu to run on my Mercedes M120.980 (6.0 liter v12).

I wonder if i can run twin distributor function on this? Each bank got a own distributor with coil. Two distributors and two coils total.

The firing order is alternating between cyl bank1 to cyl bank2. 

Is there any way to get a distributor mode that fires bank 1 coil on first cylinder (cyl1) and then fire the second coil on cylinder 12 at bank2 and then the ignition alternating between coils and banks thru a cycle.

Original this engine have two seperate ignition systems.


And one other thing, would be very nice with a installation manual like there used to be. Been running alot of this systems i all kinds of cars (got performance shop). There are always good to have the manual.

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