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EvoLink 8 Ignition Output 4


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I have been asked to help a friend modify his Evo 6 with G4+ from wasted to sequential spark.... but there is an issue. The manual in the current PCLink states that pins 20, 32 and 24 are all Aux Ign 4. I expect 32 and 34 to both be Ign 4 (A/C Fan Lo and Hi), but NOT pin 20. I think pin 20 should be part of Aux 1 with pin 21 (Engine Fan Lo and Hi). Can anyone confirm this before I tell him to change the pins and we end up with smoke escaping from the ECU! :rolleyes:


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Pins 20, 32, and 34 are all definitely connected to Ign 4 channel (being used as an aux output). Depending on the bottom board version of the ECU you may be able to change all of these pins to run off one of the ignition channels available in the expansion connector. 

EVO8 Expansion 1.PNG

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