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Starting Improvements

Andy Drummond

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Hi Link Team


Looking into 3 ways to improve the ecu during starting.

As I run a race car, it has a small battery (some are total loss ie NO alternator).

As weight is evil.

During a race should you stop in the middle of the track it is very important to restart the engine as easily and quickly asap.


Request 1/

Under the Ignition mode “Direct Spark” during engine starting, operate ignition in “Wasted Mode”.



A/ Reduced cranking time. Less than half the time compared to direct spark trigger initialisation. Down to between ½ to 1 engine rev.

B/ Each cylinder will burn all its priming fuel.

C/ Get more starts from one battery charge.

D/ Faster starting, again very critical if engine has stalled.

E/ Does not require trigger 2 setup to start the engine. May help during initial setup of the system etc.

F/ Most new cars operate like this now.



Request 2/

To RESET “Pre-Crank Prime” if rpm = 0 & 1 second delay & Prime Mode = Ign Start Position.



a/ Allow for quick restart of engine. Easily and quick by one step in turning on the starter (Ign Start Position).

B/ Again if driver stalls engine, all he/she needs to do is push the starter button.

C/ Fuel priming is critical to have happening 100% of the time to get a quick engine start.



Request 3/

If using Fuel Equation Mode = Modelled. The “Post Start Enrichment” is NOT required. But because the Post Start Decay Time Table has minimum of 1 second (divide by zero). The Post start enrichment always operates for minimum of 1 sec.

Can a condition be add If “Post Start Decay Time” less than 1 sec Then skip Post Start decaying.



a/ One less parameter/ tables to setup and tune.

B/ Move consistent fuelling during initial starting/running.



Also the above will help if start/stop or touch start control is used.

Any questions and comments please ask.


In advance thanks again for looking into these requests.



Andy Drummond

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