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R33 GTST Idle Hunting since AC regas


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got the AC re-gassed last week and ever since that the idle is hunting when the heater is on but AC off. there is a loud click from the engine bay and the revs drop down to 500 and/or cause it stall. Constant every 15-30 seconds or so

With heater on & AC on, Idle stays normal when it clicks. never really heard the clicks before as much as I do now.

With heater off & AC off, revs drop when it clicks.

Changed the AC relay in the fuse box in the engine bay with a same fresh replacement also but still the same. 

As far as i know, nothing was touched mechanically apart from the the AC being regassed. 

vid here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5JWFCav8ISs

Is there any Link setting that needs to be enabled? If so, how?

AC has not been gassed for a few years, Link G4+ PnP was installed last year. Car was running 100% prior to AC regas.


Also, can I do a firmware update on the ECU without loosing map etc or is best to have my tuner do it?

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Looking at your video I suspect the A/C compressor clutch is actually coming on when you turn the A/C off. Have a look at the front plate (in the pulley area) of the A/C compressor when the A/C switch is off and the engine is running. The plate should not be spinning.

If the plate is spinning you probably need to swap the polarity on the Aux Output that control the A/C compressor clutch relay.

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You want to swap your polarity from whatever it currently is to the other option.

You will need to connect to the ECU with PCLink, then find the Aux Output that controls the A/C Clutch relay, then swap the polarity. If you have our GTS-GTR plug-in ECU  this will be on Aux Output 3.


AC polarity.PNG

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Update - adjusted the polarity and now have rock solid idle with AC off but it is a little unstable with AC on but getting ice cold air con now so will organise a quick map/idle check with my tuner(TDP.ie).

Thank you for your solution, keep up the good work!

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