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Gear detection manual gearbox


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Have a problem with gear detection on my car with manual gearbox. I've followed the description in the help section but it fail anyway.

I have a  calibrated speed signal on DI3 as GP speed and when I calibrate on the road with different gear I only get the number 655.35 for all gears in the gear ratio vector.

Would be great if somone could give me a hint on this issue.



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Hi Hans,

I'm assuming your speed signal on DI 3 is a driven wheel speed? If yes then change it from GP Speed to one of the driven wheels, on a RWD car this would be 'LR Wheel Speed' or 'RR Wheel Speed'. Then go to ECU Settings > Chassis and Body > Speed Sources and configure the Drievn Wheel Speed Source to whatever you allocated to DI 3.

This will then have your driven wheel speed working correctly, which is used for the gear detection.

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So if you start a gauge just for the DI, it shows speed fine?

Does it give an error in runtime values, a few times I've had to retry a gear because I didnt keep rpm steady enough.

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