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Gearshift Cloosed loop

Nader Derakhshan

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Hi Everyone!

I have talked a little bit with Simon over mail about our Evo V Timeattack car .

A little history:

Evo V with Quaife Seq Dogbox gearbox, I have installed a force lever on the arm on the gearbox and a barrel sensor.

The goal with this installation is to be able to drive with full throttle and upshift (without clutch) and downshift without clutch.

So this is first time installation and setup, I started with changing the Pnp system too a xtreem and installed a e-throttle on the car, the setup for the gearshift is :

startshift: force lever (SEQ) Endshift: ( Barrel sensor)

The first problem I see is where in reality I might use the overdrive upshift and driven downshift, I simply can not see any scenario where these 2 setups can be used.

the driven upshift is almost perfect, I feel like from 2nd to 3rd gear is good and from 3rd to 4th it´s a little rough and I have tried to change settings but it´s still to hard on the upshift even in 4th to 5th, any ideas where I can make it smoother?

then there is the biig issue on the overdrive downshift when I brake hard and downshift from example 4th to 3rd gear, the car jumps and the downshift is so hard so I damage parts on the car, in theory I understand that I have to meet the RPM higher so I have to blip the throttle enough, the throttle blip is 15 % now, is there anyone that has any experince in setups for gearshifting and throttle blip?


Sorry for my bad english I hope everyone understands.

Thank you Nader Derakhshan www.auto-gruppen.com

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Hi Nader,

I havent much experience with downshift but have tuned a few cars with seq upshift GC.  You might find this document helpful in how to tune the GC function from logging:  http://www.motec.com.au/filedownload.php/CTN0004 Gear Change Ignition Cut.pdf?docid=3437

I have found if you have a roller dyno with a reasonable amount of inertia (heavy rollers or a road simulation mode) you can tune GC quite well on dyno then just fine tune at the track.


If you had some logs that you can share I might be able to help

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