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ecu staying powered up


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Hi maybe im missing something as i read through the wiring diagrams as i have spent near 2 days quadruple checking my wiring but I cannot find the problem my ecu stays powered up.

It is on the solenoid aux relay that is the problem I have

one constant 12 v to relay pin 30 straight from the battery. does this need to be switched at the key?

earth at pin 85 on relay

ignition 12 v at pin 86 on relay which is switched on by the main ecu relay

pin 87 on relay which 12v powers the solenoids

I have checked with the ecu turned off that there is no voltage reading at pin 87 on the relay,  and also with the wire that goes on pin 87 DETATTCHED from the relay that it has no voltage reading whatsoever this is the wire that goes to the solenoids to provide 12v normally. With the wire DETATTCHED like this the ecu powers down normally like it should.

With the wire connected to the pin 87 on the solenoid relay  and then powering up the ecu it reads 12v, once i turn the ignition switch off at the key and check the 12v ignition source switch which turns the main ecu relay on/off pin 86 on the main ecu relay reads 0v the ecu still stays powered on

in this state I have taken a voltage reading off pin 87 on the solenoid relay and it reads 9v and also if i take the wire off the relay it also reads the same until i unplug the wire on pin 87 of the main ecu relay which powers the ecu.


Can any one see if I have it wired up wrong or can give m any tips for finding the problem as I am out of ideas and am just going round in circles at the moment also the auxiliary wires that go to the solenoids are

aux 1 vvti control solenoid left

aux 2 vvti control solenoid right

aux 3 acis control solenoid

aux 4 tacho

aux 7 Idle controll solenoid/evap solenoid


Cheers for any help I wouldn't ask but I have looked through a forum search and gone through the help setting on the pclink but I seem to be missing something and am just not getting it. Also the engine is a 1uzfe vvti motor if this is any help I have loaded provided base map and have changed the specific aux outputs to suit. Mabe it has somthing to do with the base map??

Thanks from Pat




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