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V88R3 Set Idle Throttle% Position


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I have a Seadoo GTX 260 iS. I installed a racing cam and ensured correct timing with engine and cam locked.  Starting and WOT, the Jetski runs perfect.  However, at idle it runs at 1000rpm when it should be about 1800.  I was told the throttle open % may need to be increased at idle. 

How do I turn off the default idle % and set it manually thru G4?  ...Then ensure its saved during future use?

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Hi, looking at the schematic for this ECU it appears to use e-throttle for idle control. First I would check that the TP(main) is reading zero with no throttle, and 100% with full throttle. If this is ok then you can adjust the throttle opening at a certain Engine Coolant Temperature by adjusting the 'Idle Base Position Table'. If the Idle needs adjusting at all ECT, then you are better to adjust the main e-throttle table in the area of idle. When you have the settings as you want them, press F4 to store the base-map to the ECU.

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