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GTR Link PC tuneable?


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Hi there, took the cover off a friends BNR32 GTR tonight as we were performing a power run on the dynapack.

I assume this GTR33C version is NOT PC tuneable correct?

We have a hand controller and a serial link, but would rather PC tune it. (hand controller is painful!)

We also have a chip burner (and can buy the socket adapter) if you are able to send us the PC tuneable GTR Link firmware?

otherwise the cost to send the ecu to you.. (from Tauranga NZ)

GTR33C link.jpg

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Thanks for the reply Simon. Ah well I guess we are stuck with this.

Looking over the manual it looks to be pretty terrible, no IAT readings, no alpha-n tuning for the ITB's (just a VEFIX hack work around)

all in all a very old primitive product. I'll suggest he go Link G4 ;)

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