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1UZ Speedo wiring


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How would I wire up a pulse generator type speedometer (gauge tri-tech) that has 2 wires (black/white). I can wire in a digital input from the Transmission ECU 'speedo out' to the link, I'm just not sure how to wire into the speedo gauge without running 2 frequency auxiliary outputs.

I can wire the speedo directly into the rear speed sensor of the automatic but the transmission doesn't like the signal being shared and won't shift gears.

I've read through the help file in link ecu on 'speedo output' but it only appears that it sends one signal out (but I may be wrong).

I'm using a 1UZ transmission computer to control the auto and link G4+ extreme to run the engine.

I want to avoid running an external speed sensor & just use the factory speedo output signal through the link.

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I'm a little confused. Does the factory speedo sensor wire up to the TCM or the ECU? If it wires into the TCM does the TCM have a 'speedo out'?

Do you have a link to the tri-tech gauge you have? I did a quick google search but did not find much.

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