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Calibration tables / Labels CAN Analog Inputs


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Normally the scaling for CAN data is done either by the source device or by changing the multiplier, divider, and offset numbers in the CAN Setup on the ECU. In the CAN stream files you will see how I've scaled the numbers to make the data display as voltage.

CAN config.PNG

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Ok, so my question obviously came out wrong.  IF I connect for example a pressure sensor 150psi I get a 0-5v signal. I don't watt Link to show 0-5v, I want it to show 0-150psi. This is not possible right now when loggning analog inputs with the gaugeart  converter?

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I'm unsure if the gaugeART analog to CAN device is able to apply any calibration, I have my doubts. Which means your only other option is to scale the CAN data, similar to how I am already scaling the data to make 0-5v.

The gaugeART Analog to CAN device output is like this:

0v = 0 (number on bus)

5v = 4095 (number on bus)

So the scaling and offset I'm applying makes the data appear on our CAN Volt channels as 0v to 5v. For you to make the value as 0 to 150 PSI you will need to modify the CAN data multiplier, divider, and offset. For example, if your sensor outputs 0v at 0 psi, and 5v at 150 psi, you would need to set the CAN data scaling up like this:

CAN scaling.PNG

You can see I have increased the current multiplier by a factor of 30, which is what the calibration does to the voltage.

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Yes, or depending on what your sensor is you may be able to change the parameter from CAN Volt 1 to that parameter. 

CAN - Parameter selection.PNG

Currently there is no way to rename the CAN Volt channels. Maybe one day in the future, I will ask for it to be added to the wish list.

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