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Fuel economy readings for staged injection


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I'm about to switch to modelled fuel soon, for interests sake but also so I can get some fuel economy readings in realtime, and more OBD information for use with a bluetooth unit and an android device. 

However I notice that in the help file it says that fuel economy readings do not work with staged injection.

Does this mean that it'll still give me a number, but not take into account the secondary injectors at all? As I'm primarily just interested in refining my "cruising area" of the fuel and ignition maps, where the secondary injectors are irrelvant anyway. 

But it would be nice if it worked for both :) 

Also, in the datalogs the category labels for the staged injection are named differently compared to primary injectors. 

I'm not sure which datalog value represents effective injector pulsewidth, it would be good if these had the same naming convention if possible.

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Hi David,

I don't know about the Inst. Fuel Consumption parameter and staged injection. I'll have a talk with the engineers and find out. 

The parameter 'Inj PW (Sec)' is the equivalent of the 'Inj Actual PW' for primary injection, and so includes the 'Inj Deadtime(Sec)'. There is no parameter for the effective secondary injection.

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