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VDO Temp Sensor Cal Table Help


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Hey All!

I have recently wired in a VDO temp sensor 320.028 for watching oil temp on the sequential box i am running.

Unfortunately i was unable to tap the housing and fit one of the more common temp sensors preloaded into the vipec before an upcoming event.

So i am stuck with this sensor for now.

I am looking for some assistance with the math for the CAL TABLE.

Here is the table from VDO.

DEG C        Ohms
40        481.5
60        221.2
75        128
82.5        102
87.5        89.3
92.5        76.8
97.5        66
102.5        58
107.5        50
115        41
125        32.2
135        26
145        21
160        15.1
180        10.2

In the VTS i used Cal table 3 with 10C increments starting from 40C.

As you can tell from the table above the VDO table provided doesn't work increments of 10C.

So wondering if anyone can assist with the math required to calculate these figures in 10C increments or if i should be setting up the cal table differently.

I have used TEMP 4 as the input for this on a V88 GTR Plug and Play.

Any help will be appreciated.



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So i found 2 things.

1. A spreadsheet with some fiddling i could work out the numbers using a formula that needed a BETA figure.

2. Then after all of that i found a 100 times better VDO PDF of the actual thermistor itself with a much broader table which answered my question.


I just needed to google harder!

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