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Input troubles


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I'm trying to incorporate the analog and digital inputs to my VLLink ECU from my innovate  ECF-1: (FUEL) Ethanol Content & Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge,
And I'm not having much luck.

Ethanol content sensor is wired to Di 5 I have it displayed as a digital gauge it read's ''active'' for 1 second then shows ''off'' - so it's getting a signal of some kind but it's not functioning. 

Lambada 1 is on  an Volt  5  - displayed as a digital gauge shows 0.100 only changes for 1 second 0.600/0.588 when I change the fuel type on the Innovate gauge (e85 to methanol,gasoline or diesel) then goes back to 0.100

Fuel temp is on  an Temp  3 - 18.5°C shows on the gauge ECU displays 54 °C none of the other sensor options give me the same reading as the gauge .
I must be missing something. 

I'm using an expansion connector. 
It all works on the gauge itself  I have tested the wires coming from the Gauge and all the connections at the expansion connector all give readings. 
all wires are in the right place. 

Thanks for reading! 



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Looking at the info on this page:


The Ethanol content should be coming into the ECU on an AN Volt channel (Not supported on Link ECU's as this normally comes in on a digital input channel).

Fuel Temp should be coming into the ECU on an AN Volt channel.

Fuel Pressure should be coming into the ECU on an AN Volt channel. Set the AN Volt channel to 'GP Temp (Ext Pullup), you don't actually need an external pull-up resistor in your situation.

Lambda should be coming into the ECU on an AN Volt channel.


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Hence, why I have Ethanol content connected to a digital Channel. so that means I can't use it due to the gauge only outputting analog.
wow,what a big waste of money that was. <_<

Lambada is AN Volt 5 as I mentioned and it's not working. 

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Looking at the photo of the ethanol content sensor it appears to be the same one we sell, which means you could connect it directly to one of the ECU's digital input channels. Here is how to connect it:


It may even be possible to share the ethanol content sensor output between the ECU and the gauge. Normally the ECU has the Digital Input's pullup resistor turned ON, but I would expect the gauge would have it's own pullup resistor, so I would try leaving the ECU's pull-up resistor off.

With AN V5. Try setting the channel to 'Voltage 0-5V'. This way you can see what voltage the Innovate unit is supplying and confirm if it is correct.

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