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G3 help getting it to work properly!


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Hi i have a Nissan 200SX s14 series 2.

my car has never had a working o2 sensor since i bought it and mechanics have traced the problem back to my ECU.

the man who tuned my car is Trent from Chequered tuning and is the most reputable tuning business in victoria, Australia. he assures me that the O2 sensor has been turned on in the settings on the ecu through the software.

the mechanic believes its a setting inside the actual ECU itself so i took some pictures of it so hopefully someone on this forum can help me out!

if i havent provided enough information please let me know and ill do my best to get it. thanks for the help!




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None of the G3 ECUs had an on-board wideband O2 controller, but it is possible to interface the output of an external controller with the ECU. Can you please upload your base-map? We can then have a look to see if the ECU is currently set up to do this.

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Have a look in the "Analog Channel" section and see what you have configured there for "An Temp 2". It's a temperature channel, not for O2 sensors. If that message is from something other than your O2 sensor then you may also need to open "Runtime Displays"->"Setup graphics..." and set the min/max/warnings for the An Temp 2 channel in the Analog Inputs section. 

Now, the G3 can use a narrowband O2 sensor for Closed Loop Lambda, or a wideband (with external controller!) for QuickTune, and it can log data from either or both. Either one needs to be connected to one of the An Volt 1 or 2 inputs (white wire, or white/orange wire). 

For a wideband, wire up the sensor and the controller (eg. an AEM or Innovate AFR gauge), and send its 0-5V output to the ECU. Configure it as "WB #1(via Ext Controller)", and Bob's your aunty. 

For a narrowband, send its output wire straight to An Volt 1 at the ECU and configure it as "Voltage 0-5V". Go to "Closed Loop Lambda" in the Fuel menus and go for it. Don't forget to power the narrowband sensor's internal heater- you can use one of the Auxiliary Outputs to control it. 

Hope that helped. :) 

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