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Split the Mixture map "Active Zone area" to X and Y axes


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Hey guys,

Big fan of the mixture map function, its awesome I use it a lot and gets me 95% of the way there with fuelling super easy.

However, I find that generally the changes in my fuel map relate to resonant peaks and troughs caused by inlet manifold design and a few other factors that are RPM based.

So generally my RPM axes needs to be very precise, but my MGP axis can be a bit more relaxed as it's pretty predictable by comparison.

Currently with the mixture map, in order to get a precise sort of idea of where exactly an RPM based peak or trough is, I need to set quite a tight Active Zone area (say 10%)

However this obviously means that I get few or no instances where the loggging crosses precisely over those zones as it needs to be within 10% of the MGP value too.

What I am really interested in, is logging fuel every time the datalog "crosses the line" across the centre of an RPM column, but then I dont mind if its a bit less picky about the load axis.

It would be awesome if there were the possibility to set the Active Zone area for the columns to say 10% for RPM, and but then at 50% for MGP.

It would be nice to have a few more filters on the results too.
To get reliable results I find it's best to filter by Engine ROC, IAT, and ECT being within certain limits which then leaves me nothing further to filter by if I wanted to look for a particular pattern happening.

Main thing though is that it would be awesomely awesome to be able to seperate the X and Y axes Active Zone areas :D

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