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Rack-pinion Corvette c5 pwm signal

Tommy Luhr

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Hi I got a replica build with a rack and pinion from corvette c5 with magnasteer (adjusteble resistanse in steeringwheel).

This thing on the original car is set up with two parameters, speed and g-force.

I got a Thunder so i can play with both axis.

But  the signal to the rack is from 0 volt to 12 volt linear. So when speed increase the voltage should also to make steering stiffer.

Can i use pwm signal or do you think i need another part to adjust voltage to the rack and pinion?

If i got under 2 amps, can i run i directly from pwm output?

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According to what I have read (http://www.norcal-cobras.com/GTM/gm-tech-link/12_00_e.pdf) The magnasteer uses a PWM signal. It looks like in at least some magnasteer systems the current flow is reversed at low driving speeds, so the magnetic field pushes, making it easier to steer. This could be hard to replicate on our ECU. You may however be able to increase magnetic field so that it is harder to steer.

According to the article current draw can be up to 3 amps, For most Auxiliary Outputs this will be too much current, and you would need to use something like a solid state relay.

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Scott, thats right that one of this magna steer systems reverse polarity in the middle of the total travel. But if my google skills is good enough i sorted that the 98- and newer only had 0-12+volt for the adjust.

Thats means i could use a solidstate relay to begin play with the settings and see if i could get this up and running.

I'm in planning mode for my kable harness and there are alot of things to plan for! 

Thank you for fast and good answer, it's the outline of my comfort zon so i must have some verification that my brain is not over filled with coffe!

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