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ECU Error 13 and 14


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I am encountering the above fault code for my An Volt 2 which I have set as lambda 1.

I am using the Innovate LC2, but have selected the LC1 from the drop down list when configuring the wideband sensor.

I have tried to set the Error Low to 0V, and Error High to 5V but the fault code keeps coming back.

How do I check if there really is something wrong with the sensor? The sensor is new and I have calibrated it according to the Innovate instructions.

Thank you.

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If the Error Low is set to 0V and the Error High is set to 5V then it should not be possible to cause the faults to occur. One possibility is that the codes are not being cleared correctly. Try the following:

1. Click the red text in the fault bar towards the top of the window,, this will cause the Event Log window to pop open.

fault bar.PNG

2. Click the Clr Fault Codes button and then the Clr Event Log button.

Event Log.PNG'

3. Press the F4 key to store the non-fault state.

4. Turn the key off to remove power from the ECU, turn the key on to provide power to the ECU. Connect to PCLink and check if the fault code still exists.

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pics not showing correctly
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