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1jz trigger scope reading check

Zilvia 444

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today i planed to check the trigger and other signals to see if everything is good before starting  the engine.

so i crank it with the trigger scope on and i received this reading in the attachment .

I need to knock if these readings are correct  . cause they seem weird to me.                                                          

trigger signal  1 and 2  are green with a yes .

no trigger error.

rpm is reading 190.

crank is set as reluctor  . multi tooth  . and the number of  teeth is 12.

cam is set as reluctor . sync mode is cam pulse 1x

thank you in advance .



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The signals you have displayed are quite different from the normal reluctor sin wave form.  Also the signal only goes negative, which is odd, and is of quite small amplitude. I'll ask the engineering team to take a look at your image. In the mean time it may be worth checking your sensor wiring. What do you have your reluctor arming thresholds set to?


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Thanks for the arming threshold table, it looks pretty normal. Do you get a similar TriggerScope image each time you use it? Can you try starting the engine cranking, clicking 'Capture' and then continue cranking for another 3 or 4 seconds?


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Hello scott

thanks again for your help

i tried starting the engine . surprisingly it started and its running like a charm.

but the weird thing is the auxiliary  AF and AI are off with the engine running .

and the other weird thing is the trigger settings  . in order to get rpm reading and trigger 1 and 2 signal i had to change the trigger settings and then put the same settings again.

The good thing is the trigger scope waves am getting with the engine on . they seem normal for a reluctor sensor . today ill get a screen shot of the waves .


Thanks for your time.


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