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CAN connection to Aim Solo DL


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Hi, I have a G4 Xtreme+ and am looking at purchasing an Aim Solo DL which I would like to log data from the ECU. I can find plenty of information regarding connecting AIM Dashes, but not so much on the Solo DL as it's just a basic logger/lap timer.

Is there a specific cable Link offers that will do the job? As looking at the pinouts the CAN output from the Link differs to the input on the Solo DL. I have found the information on setting up the CAN Bus output, so think I am ok there, so I presume it's just a cable of some sort I will need?



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Hi Vivian,

Normally for CAN bus connections between aftermarket devices a custom CAN cable will need to be made. This is actually pretty straight forward, as the CAN bus only uses two wires (CAN H and CAN L). These two wires should be braided. We are able to supply a CAN-F connector for the ECU end, you may need to see what Aim have available for their end.



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