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Replacing injectors


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I was using HKS injectors for tuning when I first replaced my ECU with Link G4+ plug in for my R32 GT-R.

Because we did not have the correct dead time for the HKS injectors, the tuner did the settings using trial and error.

Now I have bought a new set of injectors, namely the 1000cc/min injectors set from NZEFI.


My question is, other than reconfiguring the injectors, as in the resistance, flow rate, dead time, pw etc.. what are the other tables/settings that I need to adjust.

I am asking as my tuner is not available at the moment, but I would like to give it a try.

Thank you.

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This will depend on which Fuel Equation Mode you are using. 

On Modelled mode you will need to update all the injector settings to suit your new injectors. On Traditional mode you will need to adjust the master fuel number.

Depending on how accurate the data the tuner entered for your HKS injectors was you may need to make some adjustments to the fuel table regardless of mode.


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