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Generic dash as .lcs stream file?


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Is there a .lcs stream file for the Generic dash can config?

Reason being, the AIM series of dashes are rather primitive with their can configuration, only having a fixed stream.  What I'd like to do is alter what is sent within some of the lesser used frames from the ECU side and set the Dash accordingly.  I was able to fudge this with the G4/V-series by rudimenarily substituting parameters in the channel data list, but the more featureful new setup only has a locked config for Generic dash.

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Hi Scraggles,

There is no generic dash Link Can Stream file for G4+. However the data layout of 'Generic Dash' is in the PCLink help file and the custom CAN configuration will allow you to recreate it (with the changes you want).


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Scraggles, wondered if you had completed your own custom LCS copy of the Generic Dash? I'm in the same boat having an AIM EVO that I can't get ANV4 data to display using the Generic Dash output. I'm about to bash keyboard and wondered if you had already completed said keyboard bashing?


Scrub that. I'm going to have to find another work around. With Race Studio you can't change the sensor type. As I need all four AN temps logged and the Generic Dash only outputs 3 (and as such Race Studio is configured the same) I can't use the Generic Dash configuration. I'm going to have to find another work around. I'm hoping that I can emulate either the VIPEC CAN BUS FULL or possibly a MOTEC dash configuration. 


Cheers, Daniel. 

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