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Thoughts on nitrous setup with Modelled fuel


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Hey guys, 

I'm going to setup nitrous using modelled fuel and just wondering what best practice would be here. 

I'm going to have a bottle pressure sensor, and since nitrous only triggers at WOT I figure that it probably makes sense to have a second fuel table with axes as RPM and bottle pressure.

But how does this work when MGP is a necessary part of the fuel equation? 

Like if it says VE 150%, 150% of what if it's not looking at MGP? Or does that just happen in the background to establish VE anyway. Or does it just look at bottle pressure.

Another issue is that when nitrous activates my goal AFR changes from say 13:1 to 11:1 at the same WOT part of the map.

Due the the incredible cooling effect of nitrous, I'm going to see a massive drop in IAT that isnt necessarily accounted for in time, 
Also the fuel charge cooling coefficient changes dramatically.

Thoughts on this? 

I'm thinking none of the above is likely to actually matter as it'll be running fairly rich anyway.
But wondering if anyone has done something similar.



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Ahhh never mind I think I just answered my own question...

The axes of the fuel table are independent to the load axis that is specified in the modelled fuel setup (which is currently MAP) 

So it always references to MAP (which is good!)

Cant wait to give this a go :D

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Hi David,

There is not much that can be done about changing the fuel charge cool coefficient. The only option I can think of is to use the modelled multi-fuel mode, and then have the axis on the multi fuel blend ratio table set to a Virtual Aux channel. The virtual aux channel could then turn on when the conditions for nitrous are correct. 


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