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I want to use an external 3rd party Baro sensor on an analog input and switch off the internal ECU baro sensor.

Right now no sensor is connected but the BAP error value is not applied.

When I change the Barometric Sensor type under "Configuration" from Marine to Standard the BAP value changes but not to the 100kPa AnV4 Error Value.

According to the documentation there is an option to use an External Baro but the Configuration only lets you select internal sensors which is confusing :

An external barometric pressure sensor can also be installed for situations where the ECU does not have an internal one or where the ECU is in a location not suitable for measuring atmospheric pressure (eg in a sealed box).  To use an external barometric pressure sensor it must be wired to an analog input and that input configured as Baro (External).

Calibration of the barometric pressure sensor is found in the Configuration settings.  The following options are available:

·Standard - Internal pressure sensor on most Link G4+ ECUs

Marine - Internal sensor on Link G4+ waterproof ECUs.  Also suits Bosch  261 230 099 external sensor.



Another thing is: where do the Runtime values for MAP and MGP come from? I run ITBs and I have no MAP sensor installed.

Regards, Fant



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Hi Fant,

I will have to check with the engineers on this. My understanding is that the external baro uses the 'standard' or 'marine' calibration. I can't see any way to use a 3rd party sensor.

Parameters normally display the last known value until updated. Probably the MAP and MGP values being displayed for you are from when the ECU was originally tested.


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