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Link G4 and G4 + difference?


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 Just wondering which PC link to download as i seen there is a G4 + and G4 versions. I cant tell  exactly what ECU i have as my car is at the mechanic and he told me it cant be scanned/diagnosed because it has a Link ECU and i would need the correct program for it. So i downloaded the one of the Link G4 PC link programs and went to plug it in to the ECU it came up with installing drivers said it was good to go so i went to grab the keys and when i came back my laptop was shut off and i couldn't start it up again. It said some error about the disk file segments then it was stuck on the black screen all the white block letter writing. Oh also another question if i do somehow manage to get this working would it mess up the tune my car has got cause i dont wanna mess with any of that stuff, just want to see if it will come up with the faults. 

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Hi Curtis,

Is your ECU a plug-in ECU, or one that had to be wired in?

The wire-in ECUs all have a big sticker on them that say G4 or G4+.

The plug-in ECUs are harder to tell, but often have something written on the top electronics board like 'G4 Top-Board Pro V1.1'.

If you have a G4 ECU you want PCLink version 4.10.2. If you have a G4+ ECU you want our latest PCLink, V5.6.1.


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