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aem smart coil use with g4 storm

Ruthless Rotors

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hi guys im new to the link scene and have a couple of questions,

1,  can i use aem smart coils with the g4+ storm black on a 13b rotary turbo if so what settings need to be changed and how to wire these up , these have built in ignitors and will be running leadng direct spark ,

2,  is there any base maps for the s6 13b bridgeport turbo that i can use to load on to help with start up ,     Setup- x2 primary injectors bosch 1000cc,   x2 secondary injectors bosch 2200cc running 98 octane aem smart coils, s5 crank angle sensor

has anyone else done this setup any help on the wiring as well would help thanks

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The AEM coils are fine to use and can be wired direct no problem at all.

Don't have any bridge port maps but there are the ones for the plugin which are on stock porting.

That can be found in the base maps folder of PC Link.


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