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350z plugin questions


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i have a nissan 350z with a plugin ecu i have a few issues. the cruise control does not work does this need to be set up? i can see that the switch works through pclink. the obd2 port also does not work, does this need to be wired in to the new ecu?


thanks for your help


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There are two base-maps we include with PCLink for the 350Z, the 350Z 'Auto trans' base map has cruise control configured, but the 'manual trans' base-map does not. You could use the Auto trans base-map as a reference if yours is switched off.

According to the factory wiring diagrams the OBD2 port contains the CAN H and CAN L pins that go to the ECU, so If you go to CAN setup and set the OBD to be on CAN Module 2 then you should have the data available.




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