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Diamond coil triggering

Hamish Janes

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Hi all


Ive got a set of 4 Diamond FK330 coil-on-plug ignition coils from a 4a91 Mitsubishi engine. They are going in the Fiat Uno turbo im building. The coils have inbuilt igniters which is what I am after. Upon bench testing them, I have found that they are triggered positively. Im struggling to find information on the Link help software that will tell me if the G4+ Atom will allow for positive triggering or positive arming.


Anybody able to help?



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Hi Hamish,

When a Link ECU sends out an ignition pulse it is a +5V pulse. Just about all ignition modules and coils with built in ignition modules use this type of signal.

I'm confident the 'Spark Edge' setting should be set to falling for your coils. What dwell values to use is more of a mystery, perhaps someone here has used these coils before and can advise.


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