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3D Deadtime Tables for Secondary Injectors?


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is there any chance to use a 3D Table (diff Fuel Pressure, Voltage) instead of a 2D Table for the Secondary Injectors on Staged applications?

I think especially Rotaries with huge secondaries would benefit from a proper injector characterization.

Thanks in advance



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Hi Felix,

I agree, it could be useful for some applications although I have never found an engine that needed it (and yes I have done a few rotaries).  For most users with a 1:1 FRP, the diff fuel press will be relatively constant, and normally by the time secondaries come in to play the battery voltage is pretty constant too.  So I'm curious why do you expect yours isnt?  The few cases I can think of would be mechanical fuel pump where you get poor pressure at low RPM or a rising rate regulator.

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