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Supra Link Plugin - Outputs


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I went to wire in a fuel pump trigger output, and from what I can tell we only have 4 spare outputs.  These are Inj 7 & 8 and Ign 7 & 8.

So I went to my trustee handbook and noticed that Inj 7 is the o2 Heater, and is listed as pins B71 & B72 (Which seems odd), and Inj 8 is the ECU Hold Power, which has no pin listed, so I figured its probably important so don't fuck with it, but then when I look at the base Supra map, its set to Nil anyway.....

Ign 7 is the check engine light, which is actually pretty handy and its pin A6 and Ign 8 is the Fuel Pressure Solonoid (Which I won't be using with the new FPR) and is pin B73.

I note the expansion harness has no outputs.

So I decided B73 was it, since it has no use at all, unfortunately, I have no wire on B73, then I defaulted to B72, but it doesn't have a wire either and all the diagrams I can find on the internet have these 2 pins as empty.  Am I meant to pull the ECU plug apart and put my own wires in, or am I missing something obvious?  I can use my one remaining B71, but then I am out of outputs....

Any advice or ideas are welcome, even if its to put out I missed something fundamental and obvious.

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You can use any of the pins you have mentioned above.  If there is no wire in those positions then you can either go to your local "u-pull-it", "pick-a-part", etc and take a couple from some other '90s toyota, or you can buy the bare terminals and make your own.  The terminal is a sumitomo 040:    https://www.bmotorsports.com/shop/product_info.php/cPath/109_110/products_id/1784?osCsid=bnpq8ed9ptu2nj24lf1d8fblr1

Fuel pump speed control, purge solenoid and AC clutch are other aux's that you may not need and might be able to re-purpose.

Note depending on how old your PNP is, it might also have an aux out available on the second expansion connector, see this post: http://forums.linkecu.com/index.php?/topic/1964-supra-plug-and-play-ecu/&do=findComment&comment=39067

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The ecu was purchased earlier this year.  I have never seen the Con5 diagram before and wasn't aware there was two.  Any idea how to tell which mine uses?  I have actually just wired everything up over the last couple of days assuming I had Con1.

Edit:  Nvm I just  through the pics of my board and noticed the connectors.  Because I had only seen the diagrams for Con1 thats the one I connected up. 



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