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Dual Mapping ECU?


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I have a customer looking for a dual mapping ecu. Essentially he wants to be able to have an input like a toggle switch to toggle between a high boost tune and a low boost tune. Or perhaps a low octane tune vs. high octane tune.

Does Link have anything like this? What model ecu would work for a feature like this?

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Great response time Scott. Thanks!

Can you give me a hint on how to set up the input point for changing the active tables? The customer wants to have either a low/high boost ignition and fuel map change or a race gas vs. pump gas map.

We were thinking of setting her up with the G4+S before this question popped up.

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Lets assume that the switch will apply a ground to the ECUs digital input pin when the driver wants to switch tables. Here is how the switch would control the ignition tables:


The same switch (digital input) could also switch the fuel, boost, VVT, etc tables.


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