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iVTS on V-series


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Just purchased a Audi S2 (3B-engine) which has a V88 installed. I don't know which software it's running and I would like to check the ECU for error codes. I downloaded the VTS from the home page but once downloaded it says i-VTS and I can't find the V88 in the menu. What firmware do I install to access the V88 and how do I know which software the ECU's running...?  I don't have the unit in front of me now so don't have the serial number. May the wrong firmware/software **** up the ECU? Have not connected to ECU yet.

May also mention that the reason for checking for error codes is the tachometer stopped working and I belive engine began to run "unevenly". Don't know if it's related or just a coincidence but better safe than sorry.


Thank you for answering.

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iVTS is only for the newer i88 & i44.  For the V88 you need the old VTS software.  Try the  the latest version (4.10) first which you will find here: http://www.vi-pec.com/software/vts-v4-10-2.1784

This version 4.10 may not work if your ecu is still running very old firmware but start with that and it will give you an error message if you need an older version.

Once you have successful connection to the ECU, follow this guide on how to do a PC log and download the map: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_P1LRANeO4A  Post the map and log here and one of us might be able to help.

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The PC shows the ECU is connected, 

What do you mean by this statement?  Do you mean you see it in windows device manager or somewhere else?  Does this car perhaps have a motorsport dash like AIM?/Racepak/Motec etc?

May this be caused by software version or would VTS told me so?  

Its been a long time since I used the VTS software but I'm fairly sure it used to give a error message if firmware was too old?  The Link Techs might have to confirm that when they are back on Monday.  You can also try putting connection mode to manual and hit F3 key to connect. 

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