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S13 SR20 Idle Solenoids. IACV?


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Im wiring an S13 SR20 into a KE20 Corolla using a Fury G4+.  Making new wiring from scratch for both the vehicle and the engine.  Just want to confirm wiring to the idle speed solenoids.  I'm a Subaru nut and not 100% familiar with the Nissan system. But it appears there is 2 solenoids - Both terminate into a 4 pin plug.  One larger than the other.


Will the ECU need to switch both solenoids individually on a separate AUX OUT channel?  

I presume I wire one side of each solenoid to a 12v IGN+, and the other side each to its own AUX OUT on the ECU?  Is this typical for a Link install?

And can someone give me a reason why they appear to have used 2 separate solenoids?  I'm guessing one is the actual idle speed control, and maybe the other is a coarse adjustment for times of high load? (A/C or something)  Or maybe one is like some type of emissions purge?  I have no idea as the existing wiring is butchered with the original engine conversion, and the hose plumbing is all apart as the car has been receiving alot of other fab work and TLC before it came to me for wiring?

Ive tried uploading a picture, but was unable to make it work?


Thanks guys.

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the older nissans had a typical IACV solenoid as well as an idle up solenoid to add air for extra load (ac, ps, elec.)

yes both get +12v switched and an aux out.

you really only need the PWM solenoid which will have an adjuster screw on it and a 4 bolt flange to bolt to the manifold.

The one with the adjuster is a pwm valve while the other is just on or off.

you want the main one with the adjuster.

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