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Need help with idle


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I have a 2ZZ-GE with DBW throttle. Recently built an engine with stage 3 cams. I need some help with getting better idling.

Basically, with ISC running Closed Loop E Throttle and Idle Ignition Control set, I am able to get reasonable idling, except Idle Base Position being a bit high, suspect it is due to my cams. However, I have this problem where the rpm will drop to stall when I shut the throttle quickly. In other situations where I let it gently drop it will catch idle well and goes to the target rpm.

Some pointers on where to look will be great.



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As a general guide it is best to set the idle up initially with all idle control functions turned off.

Once you can get the engine idling with no idle control (only the opening of the main throttle table) you can then turn on the open loop idle and adjust for good warmup.

Do this with no load changes on the motor.

Once the idle is as good as you can get it then go to closed loop.




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