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R33 GTR LINK G4+ launch control, flat foot shifting, wideband wiring - Help


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I've recently bought a Link G4+ for my R33 GTR.

can you help me with the wiring of the XS LOOM?

i want to wire this functions:

- launch control

- flat foot shift

- map switch (i want to do two different maps for a two fuels)

- wideband AFR (i've an AEM UEGO gauge)




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Below is the pinout for the GTR expansion connectors.  You might need 2 x XS looms depending on how you want these functions to work.  For instance for Launch control, some users like to have this activated by a switch (a DI is needed), others may choose to activate it by existing conditions alone such as Vehicle speed (no extra DI needed).

Any switches should have one terminal connected to GND and the otherside connected to a DI - notice the expansion connectors only have 2 x DI's in each connector so that's why I say you might need 2 x XS loom.

Your wideband analog output would connect to GND and any of the "Volt" inputs.


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i don't know if my GTR has a clutch switch. So if I don't have a clutch switch is possibile to activate the Launch control from the Vehicle Speed ?

I wasnt suggesting your car had a clutch switch from the factory, I was just trying to point out if you fit one you can use it for both flat shift and launch.  You can activate launch by a virtual aux.  The virtual aux can be triggered by vehicle speed or many other parameters.

for the map switch I need also a DI ?


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