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Engine rpm strange on 24 teeth on crank and 1 teeth on cam


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Any body help me to solve my problem.

My engine is one cylinder with 24 (reluctor) and 1 (hall) teeth on crank and cam.

The crank sensor signal very clear on oscilloscope.
The crank arming threshold is
0      1000  2000   3000  4000    5000   6000  7000
0.2    0.4      0.7    0.9     1.1      1.3      1.6    1.8

But sometime, while cranking, the engine rpm rise over 2000 RPM  immediately (last 20 second in log file) and engine knock sound very loud and engine suddenly brake. 
How can i check my Link ecu crank cam input brake or not good condition working?

In the log file on the time  -2.06 to -1.54, i try to rev engine to  highest rpm and check the crank and cam on oscilloscope.
The signals looking good no any noise but in logger show the engine rev over 12000 rpm at time -2.00.


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Can you log more stuff on PC, like runtime values for trigger1/2 errors etc?  It's really looking like you've got a trigger signal quality problem; maybe your arming voltages are too low, resulting in extra triggers.  File time 6:01.243 engine speed is 37,350rpm - not a very plausible figure.  If you have an oscilloscope, you should shoot for arming threshold around 1/2 the peak trigger voltage at each rpm range as a starting point.  Lower voltage threshold is more susceptible to noise (e.g., ignition component emi), but higher voltage can cause skipped trigger signals.  Maybe also double check your cam sensor to make sure it's clean, not sending extra cam pulses accidentally.

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