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A70 supra speedo signal


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Hi everyone

So im soon to be getting my A70 supra running after a long build time.

Im currently looking into the wiring required to convert the speedo from mechanical cable to a full electrical system controlled by the ECU.

Currently from factory there is a speedo cable connected to a optical sensor behind the dash that has a pulsed 5V 20 tooth wheel arrangement

The gearbox sensor i have is a factory toyota item that pulses 4 times per rotation and works fine with 5V

I haven't powered up the LinkECU yet as im still sorting the last of the required wiring so i am abit unfamiliar in the functions of what the Link can do

but my question is can i use the 4pulse sender and use the link to bump it up to a 20 pulse (multiply by 5) so the dash will read correctly?

Then i can adjust the gain on the link to get a accurate speedo calibrated via gps or similar?



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