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g4+ thunder plug housing


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Does the LINK G4+ use the same connector as the Motec M800? (just quantity 2)  Im going to start a harness using components from ProwireUSA and they have this plug and pin kit that would work well if it is indeed the same fitment.




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You can also get the components from mouser.com for much less.

The connectors are referred to as Amp Super Seal.

I hate to ask for spoon feeding, but would you happen to have a link to both the housing and the pins on this website?  I (believe) I found the housings earlier today but didn't know what pins it took on their page.




this is what I want for the A/B harness?



what plugs do I need to go with it?

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part numbers for a and b connectors in attached pic

terminal part number is 3-1447221-3

super seal a and b part numbers.jpg

would you get the terminal part # 3-1447221-4 for smaller wires?

Do you have the C and D connector numbers as well?  I found the part  "571-2-1437285-2" that has 2.54mm row spacing but I cant find the correct keying for both C and D plugs.

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