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Subaru V3/4 pinout queries


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I'm looking to tidy up / thin out a loom into a Subaru V3/4 plugin and have some queries. It's actually a G4 but I assume same on a G4+ (except the latter has knock input), and I hope to change to a G4+ in time.

All pin numbers refer to the labelling in the help file / manual. I can give the pin numbers below by ref to B135 / B136 / B137 if needed. I have looked through various online resources to help come up with the questions, so this is specific to what is going on inside the Link.

- The help file / manual has a pinout list that states pin 36 is Aux Inj 6. I assume this is actually DI 1 - VSS?

- Are all the original loom's power / ground used by the Link?

   - +12V switched - pins 60, 61

   - Ground - pins 15, 16, 26, 72

   - sensor ground - pins 53, 71

- I assume the ECU hold power equivalent stuff isn't needed and not connected on G4? (pins 25 - battery 12v, 51 - ign on status, 62 - ecu relay control)

- likewise all the test/monitoring stuff (34, 35, 63, 64), and anything else in the loom that is not Power, ground, trigger, Temp 1-2, AN Volt 1-4, DI 1-4, Inj 1-6, Ign 1-4, Aux 1-4 and 6 and 8, knock 

- with the dip switches set for option 1, which pin is crank sensor / trigger 1 (is it pin 52 or 54)?

If it's easier I am happy to have a look at a V3/4 plugin schematic and come back with a shorter (or hopefully no) questions.

Thanks in advance for assistance.

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