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Neon 420a trigger setup

g4+ atomizor

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Hello I am currently wiring in an atom on a neon 420a engine and was wondering if and how anyone has gone about the crank trigger setup. will it require a new trigger wheel and new sensor or can stock sensor be configured? Also is it possible to run engine off cam signal only? Is that a bad idea? Any input would be much appreciated thanks.

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I found we have a record of the stock trigger pattern for this engine and it is very odd.  I dont think we have a mode that will work with this.  You cant use the stock cam sensor only unless you could change the number of teeth to something more useful.

I dont know these engines well, it may be that some parts off another engine can directly interchange but if not the easiest option would be something like a 12-1 wheel on the crank.  Then you could either run it with just that or grind one tooth of the cam and use both for sequential.


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