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David Frechette

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TRIG 1 is my crank position sensor (2 wire reluctor) and TRIG 2 (3 wire HALL)  is the inlet LH cam position sensor and D1 (3 wire HALL) is the RH inlet cam position sensor I am now tripping up on this wiring diagram (3Wire CAS)  since it is different than the (HALL Diagram).  Currently I have it wired both cam position sensors 8V to the red, TRIG2 or D1 to the WHITE (signal) and BLK to sensor ground GREEN.   Is this correct or should the TRIG2- LH inlet cam position sensor be wired as shown in the attachment (3Wire CAS) and which wiring method should be used for the RH Inlet cam position sensor?   


HALL Diagram.JPG

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The "3 terminal" cam trigger sensor shown above is actually a reluctor, not a hall (just with 2 ground pins).  I dont know exactly which year/model the change occurred but all our base maps V1-V9 show reluctors on both trigger 1 & 2.  Only the V10 map has a hall on trig 2.  If yours definitely has hall sensors then you should follow the Hall wiring schematic. 

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