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Evo X kurofune no start


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Hey guys,

Working on a Kurofune install in an Evo x and having some problems. I am setup to use the Evo X trigger. Trigger scope shows a clean 36-2-1 trigger pattern and a clean Cam edge. Cranking the car with a timing light and spark plug I get very close to target ignition timing between the pulley and the timing mark. Engine runs fine on the stock ecu. I can test all the coils and injectors and they line up with the designated coil(1-2-3-4)

I have attach a trigger scope and a cranking log to take a look. It sounds like it fires fine on number 1 but acts up on the other cylinders. Almost like firing order is incorrect and I actually have tried other firing orders than the 1-3-4-2 firing order with no luck. Anyone have any insight into what I can do here? Seems like Link Tech support is very busy right now. Called a couple days ago and left a message with no return phone call.

Trigger Scope Log 2017-04-26 3;23;58 pm.llg

Log 2017-04-26 3;59;53 pm.llg

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Hi John,

I'm sorry we are a bit under the pump at the moment and difficult to reach at some times of the day.  However we do normally return calls quickly if missed.  For some reason we have lost your voice mail.

I believe Dave has been in touch with you today and informed you that it appears the main problem is trigger 1 is inverted compared to normal and has suggested you try swapping to rising edge.  The offset may be wrong too since its hard to tell if trig 2 is also upside down in this case. 

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