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Formula Student V44 failure


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I'm from formula student team from Moscow, Russia. Our team use your ECU V44. A few days ago we updated the firmware from 4.7. to the last version 4.10(the update was sucsessfull) and connected to the ECU the Innovate LC-2 adapter (to measure the AFR). After we finished to connect all wires as they should be, we tried to start the engine. It started to crank, but it didnt start, because the voltage of the battery was too low. So we decided to connect the external charger to the battery. (we made it many times before, and ofcourse it was not our first start ) After this ECU stopped to work ( the connection with the laptop by USB was lost ) and the blue light on the body was not burn. We checked all wiring. We removed ecu from the car and connected it straight to the battery - no difference, no connection, no blue light. But. When we connected it to the laptop and applied the voltage , the status bar was constantky blinking (green,red, yellow) like the power was not constant. Also when we removed the plate from the body( no visible damage) and repeated this action, we noticed that there is another one light on the plate which was constant blue (see the picture). 

Can you advise something? What can we try?
I'm so sorry, i called to your technical department, but it was really difficult to me to understand your speech. If you are reading this post, please, can you answer me in written form.



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Hi Ivan,

Sorry I missed your post here for a couple of days.  Glad to hear you got it working again.  

For other users info, Generally what causes this is if you have an Aux output wired incorrectly it will not allow the ECU to shutdown properly during firmware update.  Usually you can fix it by just unplugging the main connector to power cycle the ECU then reload firmware.

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